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Swaggers Biggest Giveaway Yet!!
Swagger is so excited to have this blog up and going. I am so excited to share with you all the fun new items that Swagger has to offer, as well as tips and trends that are going on this year. I hope that you will find Swagger one of your daily blog stocking stops daily to see the latest deals and giveaways going on. 

I want to give a big THANK YOU to the generous vendors that are donating their time and amazing products and services for this giveaway. Please be sure to leave them a huge THANK you for their generosity. 

Now lets get to the GIVEAWAY details, Good luck.

To make this BIG GIVEAWAY even more fun there will be a winner chosen for EACH prize package donated! That’s  7 winners! The prizes are all from very talented and generous vendors.  These are quality products that you will love having done or using.
                   Free Cut and Color

                  Full size warmer and 3 bars

TREW LUV:Facebook
                 Flower headband and flower clip for your hair

                Free session and 8x10

                Be calm and Carry on vinyl saying

               $25 gift certificate to Nerdy Girls

SWAGGER:Facebook, Store
            $100 gift certificate in store use or online

How to Enter
Entry 1:(Required) Visit Swagger on Facebook and "like" us! Leave a comment on Swaggers wall as well as a ~valid email address in case you are the winner~.
Entry 2:(Required) Visit ALL the vendors on their Facebook page and "like" their page. Yes all the vendors that is the least we can do for the generous donations. Leave them a comment on their page saying ~Swagger sent you for the Biggest Giveaway Yet~ 
Entry 3:(BONUS) Share a link to Swaggers Facebook page on your Facebook Page or Blog to help spread the word about the big giveaway. Be sure to tag "Swagger" in your post so it is easy for your friends to know where to go. 

~The Biggest Giveaway yet Starts TODAY and will END July 1st at 11:59 MST
~Winners will be randomly chosen
~The Winners will be announced on Facebook and the Blog Saturday July 2nd
~Prizes will be mailed out or given to directly to the winners
~Should any winner not claim their prize by July 7th another winner will be drawn
~Their will be links on Swaggers Facebook page on the vendors pages listed above!
Good Luck and Have Fun!!!


  1. I heard about your boutique. I need to check it out! :) I own a designer Candle Company (www.stephanieleecandles.com). We're in high end boutiques and days spas, especially in resort locations. If you need a vendor next time to give away a gift basket (in case you'd like to do another one of these) count me in! :) I also do the bricks and warmers and they're SUPER strong. I put the maximum amount of fragrance in each and every product we make. :) FACEBOOK: Stephanie Lee Candles

  2. I wasn't sure if we needed to post on your blog. I have done all 3 entries :)

  3. I did all three! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  4. I did all three! Yay! So exciting!